Cha's H. Lyon, Livery and Feed Stable

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Bell Mare was built in 1877 by Charles Lyons and served the village for many years. The people of Galien used the livery to rent stables for their horses. It was also commonly used by people coming into Galien on train. Visitors would rent horses and carriages to get around, as there were no cars at the time.

The old livery stable is one of Galien's oldest buildings. Over the years it was used as a basketball court, roller rink and dance hall. Later it was used for farm equipment sales and implement repairs.



early 1900s




Galien Township received its name from the Galien River which was named by the early French explorer, Father René Brehant de Galineé. In 1836, the French name, Galineé, was “Americanized to become Galien (guh-LEEN). 

The village of Galien was founded by George A. Blakeslee in 1853. The entire Township was once part of the “Galien Woods” which was an extremely dense forest of trees. Blakeslee operated a saw-mill and harvested timber in what is now present day Galien. He also established a general store in Galien before becoming president of the village, postmaster, justice of the peace, member of the school board and later World Bishop of the Latter Day Saint's Church.

Galien’s deep French origin is what created the vision for the romantic, French-inspired space that is now Bell Mare.

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