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Cha's H. Lyon, Livery and Feed Stable

History of Bell Mare: Text
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Bell Mare was built in 1877 by Charles Lyons and served the village for many years. The people of Galien used the livery to rent stables for their horses. It was also commonly used by people coming into Galien on train. Visitors would rent horses and carriages to get around, as there were no cars at the time.

The livery stable is one of Galien's oldest buildings. Over the years it was used as a basketball court, roller rink and dance hall. Later, it was used for farm equipment sales and implement repairs.

History of Bell Mare: About Us


Early 1900's

History of Bell Mare: Text
History of Bell Mare: Services


Est. 2019

History of Bell Mare: Text
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In 2019, the old livery stable was purchased by its current owners and thoughtfully named Bell Mare [ a female horse wearing a bell and serving as the leader of a pack train ] as a nod to the original purpose of this historic building.

The current owners had to overcome many obstacles to obtain approval to operate as an event venue. The renovation and approval process took nearly 3 years to complete.

History of Bell Mare: About


During the restoration of this historic building, it was important to the owners to maintain the old livery stable’s historic charm while providing modern functionality to ensure a pleasurable experience for guests.

The owners have carefully filled their space with special pieces from all over the country to carry out their vision of a historic meets chic venue that their guests would love as much as the owners. 

The restoration of Bell Mare was a marriage of the old and new and a true labor of love that the owners are proud to finally share with their special guests.

History of Bell Mare: Welcome
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